Clickbot 2000

Clickbot 2000 is something I wrote when playing a idle / mouse clicking game on Kongregate (a flash game site). I got tired of trying to click frequently, and saw an "award" in the game for clicking up to 30 times per second. I knew that was just about impossible, so I wrote a program to do it for me!

This little helper program can click rapidly anywhere on your screen, and it'll continue to do so as long as you don't move your mouse. Just run it, click the big green "button", move your mouse to where you want, and it'll start clicking in a second or so. To deactive it, just move your mouse away by 50 pixels and it'll shut off.

I've seen a number of downloads over time. If anyone likes one of these tools and wants to help out with hosting costs (bandwidth, storage, etc), or just wants to say "thanks" in a monetary way, that'd be great! I like writing these little helpful tools, and money is a great way to motivate me to continue projects or start some new ones! (Any donations go through my business, McLauthlin Technologies, LLC)

This is an executable jar file and is 9.4Kb in size.


This is how the program starts out. Just a big green button and a "ready" tag. Click the button to get it started.

Once the button is clicked, it starts a 1 second countdown timer, turning the button blue. It will keep resetting the timer as long as you're moving the mouse, so click it and then move your mouse to where you want the clicking to be done!

In the active state, it is clicking like mad! Usually close to 30 clicks per second. Don't move the mouse. You can deactive by clicking the blue button or by moving more than 50 pixels away.

The button will change colors as you move away from the center, warning you it's getting close to being deactivated.