KSP Editor

Working with 1.0

The Kerbal Space Program Editor is something I put together out of components I'm using to make a bigger project. This editor is a simple viewer and editor of the save and craft files for KSP.

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I've seen a number of downloads over time. If anyone likes one of these tools and wants to help out with hosting costs (bandwidth, storage, etc), or just wants to say "thanks" in a monetary way, that'd be great! I like writing these little helpful tools, and money is a great way to motivate me to continue projects or start some new ones! (Any donations go through my business, McLauthlin Technologies, LLC)

There are multiple possible ways to run this. There is an executable jar file for download which should work for Linux and Windows. Work has moved me to a Mac, so I've discovered the Mac has some "limitations", in this case, mostly surrounding SWT. So I've included an app bundle for Mac as well. If a Mac user wants to just use the executable jar, just run that with "java -XstartOnFirstThread -jar KSPEditor.jar".

KSP Editor Executable Jar: This is an executable jar file and is 1.7Mb in size.
KSP Editor App Bundle: This the Mac OSX app bundle and is 2.8Mb in size.


The program will start out blank, and it's currently just a 0.9 alpha release, which means pretty simplistic. It doesn't remember where you last had it on the screen or what the last size you had it was. It does, however, have a few bonus features.

To get started, just go to File -> Open. If KSP was a steam install, the program will likely find your save directory for you. Just navigate from there to whichever file you want to open in whatever save game. It'll open any persistent.sfs or .craft file. From there, expand any of the arrows to get to the items you care about. Just double click them and edit them. When finished, go to File -> Save.

Saving the file will rotate your save (just in case there's a mistake). So a backup will be at persistent.sfs.0 of what you just changed. It'll rotate save files up to five times.

Once you've opened a save file once, even if you haven't downloaded KSP from Steam, it'll remember the last save you edited as well as the save directory, so Open Last becomes available and opening a new file starts in the last save directory.

It (dangrously) also includes the ability to delete the item that's currently selected or to add a child to the item that's currently selected. Use at your own save-game's risk! Of course, a backup is being made, but if you don't know what you're doing there, you're likely to mess some things up.